Range table:

Standard measures of production can be seen in the following table:

Top quality, raw material guaranteed:
• AISI 304L (DIN 1.4307)
• AISI 316L (DIN 1.4404)

Note: other alloys, measures and thicknesses can be made on customer’s request.

Coils and Finishing Tools:

MACE also offers production service of all types of coils (round, square, rectangular, elliptical coils, etc). This service is offered to our customers as an add-on to their production lines, in the event of their production being affected by troubleshooting, maintenance or an excess demand.

The procedure followed in this situation is as follows:
• The customer provides us with the specific coil drawings and details about its assembly and finish.
• We make a prototype, so the customer can verify the product.
• Once customer’s approval is received, we proceed to mass production with the utmost professionalism and speed, in order to meet the delivery deadlines agreed.

In addition to these services for coils, MACE customers have the possibility to acquire various tools designed to make endings for the coils (such as fast connections, drift expanding, deburring or refacing, etc). Furthermore, our customers also have the option to acquire these tools integrated into a single work unit, so that the customers can have at their disposal the right tools to finish the coils, in the smallest possible space.

Product Definition:

In line annealed stainless steel tube,
shiny and coiled; obtained by a constant treatment at 1100ºC in a controlled chamber.

Marking every 3 meters. Example:
[MACE SL 15/11/22 AISI 304 REC 8×0,5 O.T. 2587 UNE-EN 10217-7 P6]
Note: other type of marks can be made on customer´s request.

Production process:
TIG Welding and constant treatment at 1100ºC in a controlled chamber (hyper temper); only inert gases are used to extract corrosive agents both inside and outside the tube, in order to avoid any kind of corrosion during the chemical structural stabilization process of the stainless steel.

As pioneers in this sector, we have been developing this technique over 15 years. Through this process we obtain the natural passivisation of stainless steel, resetting the material to its original state, in matters of corrosive resistance. All without using any chemical additive, which could be dangerous for the health and the environment.

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